We are now recruiting!

We are looking for a Minutes Secretary

The position of Secretary consists on being responsible to take minutes of the meetings with the clients contracting the Consultancy Services.

During the meetings with the clients, you ensure that all important information is noted down. This position requires a high degree of efficiency and confidentiality in the creation and recording of the minutes and in the preparation of agendas to be used for the consultancy sessions.

Please view the PDF document titled Secretary Vacancy to know more about the vacancy. 

Do you want to work in marketing projects?

We are always looking for passionate Digital marketers,  IT and communications professionals!

  • Web developer

  • App developer

  • Video Marketer

  • Photographer

  • Content Marketer

  • Blogger/ Copywriters

  • SEO Specialist 

  • SEM Specialist  

  • Translators/Interpreters

  • Marketing Researcher

  • Marketing Analyst

Please view  the PDF document titled ´Recruitment Steps at Wise Help´ to know more about our recruitment process and view the PDF document titled 'Assignments for Freelancers´ to know more about our general and specific vacancies requirements.

You are always welcome to contact us for any upcoming opportunities that match with your experience and our search for talent. Please note that all of our vacancies are based on an freelance contract per project-basis.

Are you looking for support in Digital Marketing and Communications?

If you are looking for help in  digital marketing and/or communications , you are in the right place!

In order to provide our services to your company,  we would need certain information from you:

  • Starting date and duration of the project.

  • Hours per weeks/month.

  • Summary of key project responsibilities and tasks

  • Summary of the key responsibilities of the project

  • Date and time available to arrange a Phone call/ Videocall/or Personal meeting.

  • Skype account /Telephone number/ Company´s address

Please make sure to send an email  to:  info@wisehelp.nl and send  the information above requested.  We will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss more about the possibilities of working together!

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