Wise Connections Events

At Wise Help we organize two types of events regularly:

  • Wise Connections - Expand your Network: it's a space to connect with other people from the same Marketing and Communications Industry as well as with people from the Creative Industry (Designers, Animators, Makeup Artists, Youtubers, etc.) and the Education Industry (teachers, coach ,etc.) The events usually last approximately 1 hour  and are free. 
  • Wise Connections - Seminars: it's a space to debate, inspire and learn from each other. At the Seminar, several Guest Speakers with extensive experience in their field are invited to give a talk on a specific topic. Attendees can ask questions and discuss, as well as learn and connect with others. The events usually last approximately 1 hour  and a fee needs to be paid. 
  • Tickets for the eventscan be found online on the Eventbrite website Evenementen van Wise Help | Eventbrite

Due to coronavirus regulations, we keep events online. However, whenever possible, we will schedule physical events.

Expand your Network (free event)

This is an event that participants can attend for free and is an event organized to make connections. It's not necessary to be a professional from the Marketing, Communications or Media Industry but also if you pursue this as a hobby, you are also welcome! 

Seminar with guest speakers (paid event)

Learn about new perspectives and keep up to date with the latest reflections or news. The next scheduled seminars are the following: 

'Start 2022 with healthy habits for remote workers.' -  Online

'The Millennial Digital Sharing Economy and its business opportunities. '  - Online

'Elaborating effective e-commerce sales funnels.'  - Online