All-in-one Service


We are the only company in the world that provides Digital Marketing and Communication Services in 4 intertwined sectors. Our unique Service proposal is composed of 19 services that are always delivered together with an outstanding customer service, that will exceed your customer's expectations. 


Our price list is updated every October, when we increase our prices by a small percentage to ensure higher quality in our services. Don't hesitate to download our Digital service catalogue and Case studies to learn more about past projects. 


Price List

Blogging Services €45.00/hour
Market Research and Analysis €45.00/hour
Email Marketing €45.00/hour
Content Marketing €45.00/hour
Videophone Call Interpretation €45.00/hour
Social Media Administration €45.00/hour
Search Engine Optimization €45.00/hour
Website Building €45.00/hour
Commercial Translation €45.00/hour
Commercial and Advertising Photography €60.00/hour
Promotional Video €60.00/hour
Influencer Marketing €60.00/hour
Coaching Program: Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur €550.00(online) - €750.00(in-person) / per course
Course: Digital Marketing Tools for SME's €275.00(online) - €575.00(in-person) / per course
Couse: Supply Chain Management and Marketing Integration €275.00(online) - €575.00(in-person) / per course
Sales & Marcom Consulting Services €290.00/project
Digital Transformation Consulting Services €90.00/hour
Professional CV Formatting and Translation €175.00/project
HR Support Service Price Avavailable Upon Request