Business English Lessons


Business English lessons are designed to help adult learners develop the professional skills to communicate in an English-speaking and international environment. (e.g: international companies, projects abroad, serving  foreign clients,etc.)


Speaking correct English is always an important aspect when working in a professional environment. Understanding cultural differences and proper business etiquette is crucial to make the right business relationships.

Wise Help offers business english workshops that will help you improve on you career!


Business English Solution:

You will attend workshops on the following topics:

  • Business English for Presentations
  • Business English for Negotiations
  • Business English for Meeting
  • Business English for Networking
  • Business English for E-mailing


The Business English Private Lessons Timetable:

  • For 3 hours a day (for 10 days excluding Sundays) 
  • For 1'5 hour a day (for 20 days excluding Sundays).

After completing an online business English test, Wise Help will issue you a private attendance certificate and an official ESOL certificate from the English Language Group partner that collaborates with Wise Help.


    How much does it cost?

    The price depends on the modality and is exclusive of one-time administration costs (€25.00).

    • Online modality (accessible from anywhere in the world)- €395,00
    • Face-to-face modality (at Kardinaal Mercierplein)- €595,00
    • Hybrid modality (at Kardinaar Mercierplein and online accessibke from anywhere) - €795,00
      None of the private lessons and coaching programs require VAT (21%) payment. 


    Interested in Wise Help's Business English Lessons?

    If you have any questions, please contact Wise Help by email at or by phone at (+32) 487.411.935 between 09:30a.m. and 5.30p.m.