Selection and Recruitment Service


Wise Help offers Selection and Recruitment Services of experts in the area of Marketing, Communication and IT, so that you can simplify your work and focus in what is really important.


The selection and recruitment services offer you:


Selection and Recruitment Service Procedure:


  1. An initial online meeting/interview to analyze your needs
    and requirements. Alternatively, you can also write us all your project requirements in a en email.
  2. Subsequently, we agree on all aspects of service management (duration, main activities, payment, etc.) that will be specified in a written agreement, contract or invoice.
  3. Once the payment is processed, we will begin to proceed with the selection and recruitment process to find the appropriate personnel for the function, always taking into account account the profile of the candidates you are looking for, in terms of:
    • Languages
    • Experience
    • Specialization
    • Residence among others.
  4.  We present the most suitable candidates to fill the vacancy. First we present their resumes and a brief information about the candidates. This presentation is delivered digitally (by mail or online appointment by Skype/Teams for discussion). Alternatively you can also request a personal meeting.
  5. Once the most suitable candidates have been selected, we take care to communicate to the candidate their onboarding to the project and manage everything necessary before, during and after the execution of the project.


Types of subscriptions:

We offer three different types of contracts:

- Flexible Selection and Recruitment Services. 

- Weekly Permanent Selection and Recruitment Services.

- Monthly Permanent Selection and Recruitment Services.


Good to know:

* For each contracted marketing service you have to pay €25.00 of administration costs.