EN/FR/ES/DE/NL Interpretation


Wise Help provides over-the-phone interpreting so that you don't misinterpret any important communication you may have with other people who don't speak the same language such as customers, partners, or other third parties.


Our over-the-phone interpretating services can be provided from phone calls, video calls, or online calls, making it easy to connect with other people who don't speak the same language. It is fast, safe and professional and we assure you that you get the expected actions or conclusions from the conversation.
What we offer?
Our interpretation services are very complete!  We offer the following interpration service for only €39.00 per hour.
  • First online interview with the client to understand the scenario / situation to be interpreted.
  • Follow-up guidance on interpretation.
  • To book an interpreter, a reservation must be made at least 72 hours before the delivery of the service.


Good to know: 

* Price per hour only available for short projects. Projects of more than 12 hours a month have a reduced price.


* For each contracted marketing service you have to pay € 25.00 of administration costs.


* We offer a 15% discount for companies located in Apeldoorn and a 10% discount for companies located in the Netherlands.