Coaching programs


Wise Help provides Coaching programs to all new entrepreneurs! 

We are currently offering the coaching program called 'Becoming an expat Entrepreneur in the Netherlands´.


What we offer?

The coaching program and workshop sessions is delivered online (accessible from anywhere in the world) for €550,00 or face-to-face at the Business Center Loolaan for €775,00.


During the 1- week coaching and workshop sessions of 4 hours per day you will see, discuss and learn about the following topics: 


1. Sales & Marketing Workshops: 

You will learn about the Psychology of Sales. How to close more sales agreements faster by considering and understanding your target clients psychology and cognitive processes.

2. Technical and Legal Workshops:

You will learn about the crucial issues to consider when starting a business in the Netherlands (such as requirements to open an office within your house building, filing tax forms on time,  compulsory insurances, among other things) 

3. Business plan workshops:

You will learn about business plans to turn an idea into a step-by-step actionable business plan. 

4. Dutch lessons Workshops:

You will understand the basics of Dutch culture and Dutch language.

5. Professional Guest Speakers:

You will be in contact with the most suitable partner to guide you in your entrepreneurship process. 



Good to know:

*Two private certifications awarded:

Dutch for Business Purposes Certificate of Completion
Career Coaching & Entrepreneur's Training Certificate of Completion