Career coaching & Training Sessions


Wise Help offers Career coaching & Training Sessions to new expats in the Netherlands who are planning to start a freelance business in the creative industry.  


What we offer?

We offer a 1- week coaching and training sessions of 4 hours per day (preferably during the mornings from 10:00 am to 14:00pm but times can be adjusted to student´s needs).

It is only available for 340.00 euros during the month of August.

During the 1- week coaching and training sessions you will see, discuss and learn about the following topics: 

1. Reviewing your resume:

- Designing a good resume

- Types of resume

- Stages of a job Interview

- How to create a good first impression

2. How to become a freelancer in the industry of marketing and communication in the Netherlands:

 - Advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer.

- The Marketing and Communication Industry in Europe.

- Job Trends

- How to determine your hourly rate

- How to create your brand

3. Dutch course for business purposes:

- Zelf voorstellen en cultuur

-Een telefoongesprek opnemen


- Presenteren

- Vergarderen

4.  How to promote yourself as a new expat entrepreneur in the Netherlands

- Sales Pitch

- Selling Techniques

- Offline and Online Marketing