Marketing Research


Wise Help conducts marketing researchs in order to find the information your business needs.


To make the right decisions, it is important that business owners and marketing departments are informed about the current situations that affect them favorably or unfavorably. Whether the marketing research goal is to find a suitable network of distributors or to get to know the opinions and feedback from your consumers, Wise Help is there to help you.


What do we offer?

Our marketing research service is very complete. We offer the following marketing research service for only €39,00/ hour:


- Formulation of the problem / formulation of the business opportunity

- Situation background assesment

- Research approach

- Research methodology

- Sampling methods

- Collection of data

- Analysis of data

- Results

- Recommendations


Good to know:

* Price per hour only available for short projects. Projects of more than 12 hours per month have a different rate.


* For each contracted marketing service, you need to pay 25,00 euros of administration costs.


* There is a 15% discount for businesses located in Apeldoorn and 10% discount for businesses located in the Netherlands.