Sales and Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Wise Help evaluates, develops and implements a suitable sales and marketing strategy or strategic marketing plan for your company as an external marketing firm.
Many companies fear digital marketing because they think it is expensive and they cannot afford it.
However, digital marketing is an inexpensive tool that is available to all entrepreneurs.
Our service helps you establish the guidelines for you, so that you can work on the most convenient marketing tools for your business and so you can apply these tools on your own.
With our sales and marketing consultancy services, we guide and help you achieve your desired sales and marketing goals through a strategic marketing plan or marketing strategy for only €199.00 per project.
What do we offer?  
  • Explanation of the benefits of having a sales and marketing strategy / strategic marketing plan.
  • Help you set the goals.
  • In-depth analysis of your current marketing strategy.
  • In-depth analysis of your marketing environment.
  • Proposal of a marketing strategy / strategic marketing plan.
  • Prediction of expected results (positive, neutral and negative).
  • In-depth analysis of required resources.
  • And much more!Different areas of analysis are incuded according to the interests and needs of the enterpreneur/company.


Good to know:

* Price per hour only available for short projects. Projects of more than 12 hours a month have a reduced price.


* For each contracted marketing service you have to pay € 25.00 of administration costs.


* We offer a 15% discount for companies located in Apeldoorn and a 10% discount for companies located in the Netherlands.