Marketing Translations


Wise Help translates your company's marketing campaigns for an international audience.


We live in an increasingly connected world where information must be available to people from different backgrounds and in different languages.


Nothing would suit your customers better than speaking the same language. With our marketing translation services, we help you reach an international audience with marketing translators who speak the foreign language of your choice.


What do we offer?

Our marketing translations services are very complete! 

We offer the following marketing translation services for only 39,00 / hour:


  • Translations of websites
  • Translations of product/services descriptions.
  • Translations of marketing campaigns.
  • Publications in different languages across social media platforms and many more! 


Good to know:

* Price per hour only available for short projects. Projects of more than 12 hours per month have a different rate.


* For each contracted marketing service, you need to pay 25,00 euros of administration costs.


* There is a 15% discount for businesses located in Apeldoorn and 10% discount for businesses located in the Netherlands.