Digital Marketing, IT & Communication Services

Services Hour rate (exclusive VAT)
Career Coaching & Training Sessions €550.00
Consultancy Services €299.00
Workshops/Trainings €299.00
Digital Marketing Courses €125.00
Promotional Video €60.00/hour
Commercial and Advertising Photography €60.00/hour
Digital Transformation Consultancy Session €45.00/hour
Web design/Web development €45.00/hour
EN/FR/ES/DE/NL Interpretation €45.00/hour
Translation €45.00/hour
Markerting Research €45.00/hour
Blogging/Copywriting €40.00/hour
Email Marketing €40.00/hour
Content Marketing €40.00/hour
Social media mangement €40.00/hour
Search Engine Marketing €40.00/hour
Search Engine Optimization €40.00/hour
Selection and Recruitment Services POR (price on request)

Our rates

Wise Help offers digital marketing communication services, selection and recruitment, consultancy services (creation and development of sales and marketing and communications plans and strategies) and training and coaching with a focus on Digital Marketing Tools for SME's.

We charge an affordable fixed hourly cost, which you can see in the table above. Please keep in mind that our pricing does not include the cost of Valued Added Tax. 

Other rates might include:  Value-based pricing, which is based on the impact or value the service will deliver, and project-based pricing, which is based on a predetermined rate for the full protect. In addition, prices vary according to client, duration of project and complexity of the project.

Are you looking for help in a digital marketing communication project not listed in the price list table? Then, let us know more about your project and we will evaluate if we can help you and have a right solution for your company.

Please note that for all services you need to pay a one-time administration fee of €25,00.

In addition, every 1st of October of the year, we change our price list. We increase a small percentage of our prices to offer higher quality to our customers. Please do not hesitate to request the new price list. 

For more information, please contact us at and we will advise your further. 

We advise you to read carefully our Terms and Conditions and GDPR before contracting our services.

General Terms And Conditions Latest Update 10 09 2021
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GDPR Wise Help The Netherlands
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