Be part of Wise Help Community!


We are always interested in networking with professionals from different disciplines. We hold monthly meetings with free tickets available at Eventbrite where everyone can attend and exchange ideas, experiences, and views.

We connect with people from all over the world! All you need to attend one of our networking events is a free hour to spend online with us. If you have specific knowledge on current business topics, share your ideas with us to collaborate on a paid seminar event, so other people can learn directly from you  and/or your research work or business success.

In addition, once you have joined our network, we can always let you know if there is a good option to work together on digital marketing and communication projects. Working together remotely means you can work from anywhere at any time as long as you meet deadlines and, if necessary, meet online to clarify and resolve questions about the project.


Do you want to be part of the Wise Help Community? 

We are always looking for self-employed professionals who can meet the following requirements:

  • You are legally registered as a self-employed professional.
  • If you are non-European, you have a legal work residence permit.
  • You can work from home and from the office or a physical location (a hybrid work environment). 
  • You are an honest and hard-working person.
  • You can correct your mistakes and improve day-by-day. 
  • You know how to behave and communicate in conflictive times (conflicts are necessary in organizational development, but it's possible to communicate and resolve them without the use of curses, rude words, or anti-social behavior).
  • You have a positive and friendly attitude. 
  • You are a goal-oriented person. 
  • You are flexible and can move out of your comfort zone.

    We are looking for self-employed professionals in the following areas:

    • Translators
    • Photographers
    • Videographers
    • Graphic designers

    If you meet these requirements, please send us your CV and portfolio to