We are looking for a Minutes Secretary

Published on 24 May 2021 at 13:40

We are looking for a part-time (based on call position) Minutes Secretary!

The position of Minutes Secretary consists of being responsible to take minutes of the meetings with the clients contracting the Sales and Marketing Consultancy Services.  During the face-to-face meeting with the clients, you ensure that all important information is noted down using a computer. This position requires a high degree of efficiency and confidentiality in the creation and recording of the minutes and in the preparation of the agendas to be used for the consultancy sessions.

What we offer?

We offer an attractive hourly wage, travel allowance, be part of a young company, and lunch. 

General requirements: 

- An Enthusiastic, Honest and Energetic Person.

- Vocational Training / Bachelor´s degree / Equivalent. 

- 1 to 3 years of experience.

- Excellent MS Skills.

- Computer and Internet.

Specific Requirements: 

- Excellent Listening Skills (paying attention, no talking while others are speaking (CEO and Clients), being able to repeat what others have said (word-by-word).

- Excellent Typing Skills 


Send your CV and Cover Letter to info@wisehelp.nl

Or call to (+31) 620.360.992


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