You can't spell HERO without HR


We specialize in providing human resources support (recruitment support) to companies seeking Marketing and Digital Communications professionals for both short projects with freelancers and payroll employees in the field of Marketing and Digital Communications.

Below you can find some of the tasks we carry out for your company. Within our recruitment support offer, we offer: Search for qualified personnel in the field of Marketing and Digital Communication, Personalized advice, Planning of interview processes for your company, Formation of legally binding contracts, Payment, General coordination of the project and Worker relocation service.


With our economical and customized solution, you can streamline your recruitment process and select independent contractors or in-payroll staff wisely.

We will search for the right candidate and plan the interview process for your company. In addition, we may assist you with various aspects of the hiring process. 

The different aspects of the hiring process that you might need help with are:  Formation of legally-binding contracts, Payments, Project's Overall coordination and Relocation service for on-site workers.  

CV and Cover Letter Formatting, Translation, and Proofreading Services

We offer Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter Formatting and Translation/Correction Services to individuals, which includes  a complete professional advice. 

It is really a fact that companies take a few seconds to select a CV and a candidate with whom they will go to the next round of the selection process.

The recruiter's choice is mainly due to the good impression caused by a good resume, which allows the candidate to stand out from the crowd. Our Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter formatting and translation/proofreading service makes sure to create an attention-grabbing resume as well as offering excellent grammar in a second foreign language of your choice. In addition, we also help you optimize your LinkedIn profile.