Frequently Asked Questions

FQA 1: How do you offer assistance during the project?

Projects are always carried out with virtual assistance or with face-to-face assistance.

We support your project virtually through:

- Email (via our email address:

- Telephone calls (via  +31 620.360.992 or +34602.690.195)

- WhatsApp (via +31 620.360.992 or +34 602.690.195)

- Videoconference (via Skype or WhatsApp)

- Social Media (Facebook or LinkedIn) 

We can also offer you face-to-face assistance at one of the following Business Centers:

- Loolaan Business Center (in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands)

- Center  Sagrada Familia (in Barcelona, Spain) 

Our support is available in Dutch, Spanish and English languages. Do you need help in your native language? There is no problem, we can put at your disposal one of our collaborating interpreters for an additional charge.

FAQ 2: Can I pay when the project is delivered?

No, it is not possible to pay after the service is delivered. All of the projects requires either 100% payment in advance or in case of large projects, a percentage needs to be paid in advance, afterwards you can pay in instalments according to the progression of the project.

Once we’ve worked with your company at least a few times before, we can make a few exceptions. However, new customers always have to pay in advance and regular customers as well. 

All payments must be made by bank transfer. Once we receive the payment, you receive a confirmation email and the project begins.

FAQ 3: What does the after-sales service include?

Once a project is completed and delivered, we will send you a "Customer Satisfaction Form". You can fill out the form voluntarily, but we recommend doing so to help you serve better in the future.

The after-sales service includes:

-Constant care (for all services)

-Continuous coaching (for courses and coaching programs)

-Review, modifications and / or correction of errors (for all services)

-Personal advice on the use of the service (for all services)

FAQ 4: My budget is limited. Are the prices fixed or can they be discussed?

No, our prices are not fixed, we offer a variety of prices and we adapt to the needs of the customer. Among our different prices, we offer:

- Hourly rates

- Project rate (for the entire project).

- Rate for value generated

In addition, we offer rates for shorter projects, such as a half-hour rate, as well as discount and temporary promotions. 

FAQ 5 : I would like to see how you work first. May I receive first a sample? or  previous projects?

Yes, we always provide information about previous work as long as we have it available and you request it. We also send samples works in case it is necessary to make sure we will deliver you the most optimal solution for your marketing and communication strategy.

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