Study while others are sleeping! 

E-learning Educational Services

Wise Help has been divided into two branches, one solely for Digital Marketing and Communication Services (Corporate MarCom, Strategic Consulting Services and HR Support Services) and another solely for E-learning (Educational Services).

According to Eurostat Statistics, European students expand their knowledge with online courses and training. Among the EU member states, the Nordic countries Finland and Sweden stand out. In 2019, 21% of people aged 16-74 in Finland took an online course. In Sweden this share was 18% and they are followed by Spain (15%), Estonia (14%), Ireland and the Netherlands (13%). 

Wise Help Educational Services has seen the need for European students to deepen their knowledge and skills online or hybridlike  and for this reason offers  a unique educational offering.

In addition, as part of the nature of the company, all classes are delivered in collaboration with organizations such as Anglia Network or other industry professionals with years of experience in the market.

Wise Help Educational Services, has the intention  to join several other educational bodies in order to obtain larger recognition and resources to deliver a quality education at an affordable price for everyone. Data Source: People expanding their knowledge by learning online - Products Eurostat News - Eurostat (

Self-Paced Learning

There is a total of 30 hours of study per chosen course/coaching/ bootcamp and the student can choose between 2 timetables.

Intensive Timetable:

  • 10 days (3 hours/week excluding Sundays) 

Extensive Timetable:

  • 20 days (1.5 hours/week excluding Sundays).

Accessible Learning Material

After completing the registration for your course, coaching or bootcamp, you will receive your login details to access the interactive lessons on the Wise Help study platform to enjoy the learning material accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

In addition, all lessons have a Downloadable Powerpoint Presentation, a Scanned copy of the books sent to your personal email address and different Interactive Activities such as Quizzes, Games, etc.


You must attend the scheduled class by signing in to Microsoft Teams or visit Wise Help Co-working Spaces for personalized one-on-one classes or hybrid classes.


If you would like to ensure your place, it is better that you reserve it immediately. You can register for any of these educational services by filling in the Registration form or by contacting Wise Help at


The price depends on the course you want to study (language coaching, academic reinforcement, thesis review, business coaching, and digital skills bootcamps) as well as the study modality (online, face-to-face, or hybrid).

You will receive a official quote before the start of the lessons to ensure your registration and commitment to take the course.

In addition to the costs of the course/coaching/bootcamp you will have to pay a single fee of €25.00 for administrative expenses.