About Wise Help

Wise Help is a company formed in 2020 by Vanessa Boonstra Intriago that specializes in providing Business Services, among them: Corporate MarCom,  Strategic Consultancies Services, Recruitment Support and E-learning Educational Services.  

Wise Help is based in The Hague (The Netherlands) but currently operates remotely from Mechelen (Belgium) offering remote and hybrid assistance with videoconferences to clients from all over the world (from Spain, Germany, England etc.)

Company´s core values


Wise Help represents a business and work ethic that is transparent to both customers and independent workers. Services are delivered transparently throughout the entire service cycle.


Wise Help provides a reliable service. From start to finish, completing your company's projects in a timely, personalized and attentive manner. For companies that subcontract digital marketing & communication and IT services for the first time, Wise Help offers a reliable solution.


Wise Help provides a collaborative network of experts in digital marketing and communications and companies from all over Europe and internationally.


The most important thing when it comes to ensuring the success of a project is commitment. My commitment to your company and brand is everything and it goes beyond a quote or appointment.

Company's mission

Wise Help wants to help companies achieve a positive result in their digital marketing & communication and IT objectives, as well as opening new opportunities for digital marketing and communication experts in different areas of expertise.

Company's vision

Wise Help strives to become the best digital marketing and communication service in Europe.

Meeting in person

We can meet electronically using Microsoft Teams.

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