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Hello everyone and welcome to my website!

I am Digital Marketing & Communication Consultant and Educational Project Manager.  I offer a variety of services in digital marketing and communication with fixed rates and without surprise surcharges.

All services are carried out entirely by me or through a network of independent contractors with whom I collaborate. When contracting any of my services, you will receive an online timeline to track the project on real time, as well as personalized remote or face-to-face assistance and easy payment in instalments.

Regarding my experience and education, I have been working in Digital Marketing for 2 years, first as an independent and then as an executive director leading a small team. Before this role, I worked in several commerce divisions for international companies as Store Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Sales Manager, etc.

I am a Business & Entrepreneurship graduate from Teesside University, and I'm currently studying a Postgraduate program in Digital Marketing at VIVES Brugge Business School and a Part-time Master degree in Political Strategy & Communication at University of Kent (Brussels). I also have several other certifications and diplomas in business and marketing, neuromarketing and foreign languages.

My passion is travelling, animals, interior decoration and technological advances. If you take me to a new place, the first thing I look at is the decoration. It fascinates me a lot! I am writing these lines actually from the library cafeteria in Mechelen that contrasts an ancient high ceiling with arches that gives a historical and broken touch, while the decoration of the furniture is subtle and modern. A wonder of space!

Would you like me to join your team as Consultant in Digital Marketing and CommunicationsFeel free to contact me at info@wisehelp.nl or schedule an online meeting to discuss what I can do for your company using the button below. Please schedule an online meeting at the most convenient time for your and at least 1 day in advance.


Enjoy the wisdom of digital marketing!

Corporate Marketing & Communication Services

Wise Help can help you with a variety of digital marketing and communication services whether it's a one-time service or regularly every month. Among the outsourced digital marketing and communication services that I offer are Website Building, Article Writing, SEO Optimization, Commercial Photography, etc.

Strategic Consulting Services

I help you take the best strategic decisions for your company or brand by collecting and evaluating data and then determining the best option to achieve your sales, digital marketing and communications objectives. I also help you determine the best path to implement the technology available and most suitable for your business and team.

E-learning Educational Services

Improve your knowledge and skills with e-learning educational services.  Wise Help E-learning Educational Services is a secondary brand, where you will be able to obtain didactic study materials through different online platforms and online, in-person or hybrid lessons. We will focus on all aspects that need to be strengthened in order to progress and succeed in specific areas. 

Recruitment Support Services

I support the recruitment process of companies looking for marketing and digital communication professionals. My recruitment support services can be carried out for both freelance and payroll hires. Some of the tasks include scheduling online appointments with candidates, searching for candidates on social media (like LinkedIn) and more.  Along with other presentations, I also improve cover letters, professional CVs, and LinkedIn profiles.