Our services in a Nutshell

Digital Marketing Services

Periodic outsourced marketing services for individuals and small or medium sized companies.

Periodic Outsourced Services:

We offer several services in the area of Digital Marketing , among them: Blogging Service, Email Marketing, Content MarketingVideo Marketing, Social Media Management, Web development, Marketing Translations, Market Research, Sales and Marketing Consultancy Services and many more!

*Please check the price list for further information on service description and prices.

Recruitment Services

Selection and Recruitment of Marketing Teams and Departments for your company

Step 1: Free intake

We organize a free and no-binding intake to discuss your company's needs and the help you are looking for. During this intake we will discuss the starting date and duration of the project, hours per weeks/month, the salary, the company' s sales and marketing goals , the main tasks to be carried out for the project and the desired profile of the candidate your are looking for.

Step 2: Finding the right match!

Wise Help finds the most suitable marketing professional/marketing team for your company within a very short period. We recruit the marketing professionals with the highest ethical standards, making sure that the candidates are recruited without any bias (such as based on race, gender, religions, or other information that it's unnecessary for the decision-making). 

Step 3: Presentation of candidates

You receive a presentation of various candidate/s available to execute the desired project. A presentation of candidates usually includes: a verification of work experience,  verification of education, work references, previous projects, among other relevant information.

Step 4: Closing the deal

Once you select a candidate/s, we send you the Agreement/Contract and arrange an appointment with the candidate at your earliest convenience. Most of our network cab work remotely or from an office.

Step 5: Evaluation 

At the end of the execution of the marketing project, you will receive: The Customer Satisfaction Form and The Project Performance Form.  You can fill in both documents voluntarily (not mandatory). However, we highly recommend doing this in order to serve you better in the future.

 *Prices for Selection and Recruitment services are available upon request.(mainly for large companies).


Sales & Marketing Consultancy Services

Creation and Development of Strategies and Plans for your company

Do you need help setting milestones for your Sales and Marketing strategy?

Wise Help can assist you to stay on track to achieve your strategic marketing goals for a rate of €199,00 per project. 

During this session, we analyse together your company's current sales and marketing strategy/plan and guide the project through to implementation as an external partner firm.


Education & Training

Workshops, Training and Courses in Digital Marketing Tools for SME´S.

Digital Marketing for SME´s: 

Wise Help delivers Sales and Marketing workshops, training and courses to companies, education centres, and individuals with a special interest for Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses and Enterprises (SME´s). 

*Full price list for Digital Marketing Courses available in the above form titles ´I´m looking for Education and Training´.